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Why choose CAMS Exam Guide?

  • While studying for the CAMS certification, students all over the world face one common challenge: How do I practice and test the concepts I’m learning in the ACAMS Study Guide?
  • This leads them to search for CAMS exam questions, only to find various test providers who sell poor quality questions with incorrect answers and little or no explanations.
  • That’s why we’ve introduced CAMS Exam Guide – a one stop solution to help you learn effectively, practice CAMS exam questions through Chapter wise tests while you study and finally attempt our full Practice Exams. 

What we offer

  • FREE Guidance and tips to help you prepare effectively
  • FREE Key focus areas to help you study the most important concepts for the exam
  • Chapter wise tests to test your concepts as you study
  • Practice Exams to help you get the feel of the real CAMS exam and evaluate your level of preparedness

All you need to successfully pass the CAMS exam

Studying for and taking the CAMS Exam can be a daunting experience. Especially for working professionals who have to juggle between work and study. Time is your scarcest resource. We understand this and our material is painstakingly designed to help you succeed with smart, focused study in a timely and cost effective way. 

Our curated set of questions meticulously designed to cover every testable concept while limiting the number of questions to help you complete the tests. 

Our Success Formula

We encourage our students to follow our 4 step approach to succeed at the CAMS exam:

  1. Read the ACAMS Study Guide and understand concepts
  2. Use our thoughtfully designed Chapter wise tests to test your concepts and highlight areas for improvement
  3. Do a thorough revision of the curriculum with a special focus on your improvement areas
  4. Use our curated Practice Exams to test your competence and gear up for the real exam! 

Learn On The Go

Practice tests anywhere, anytime and resume where you previously left.

As a working professional, you can make the most of your breaks and free time by accessing our Chapter wise tests and Practice Exams. What's more, you can resume where you left and continue practicing! Take tests multiple times to gain more confidence and clear the CAMS exam in the first attempt.

Fulfill your dream of achieving the prestigious CAMS designation!

Join the ranks of thousands of compliance professionals globally who have taken their career to the next level through CAMS.


Karen S, CAMS

Very helpful!

I initially had my doubts on whether the tests will be worth the price. I found the Chapter tests and Practice Exams very helpful. The former helped me to understand concepts and the exams helped me develop confidence to pass the exam!

Arun R, CAMS

Excellent content!

The quality of questions is very good and each question comes with detailed explanations on the correct answers and why the other answers are incorrect. This helped me to apply the same concepts and pass the exam! Thank you CAMS Exam Guide!

Susan L, CAMS

Clear concepts!

I used other test providers earlier but I was disappointed with their poor quality and wrong answers which left me confused. CAMS Exam Guide helped me to understand conceptually and clear easliy. I'm glad I purchased a 60 day test package. Big Thank You CAMS Exam Guide!

Altaf Shaikh, CAMS

Finally cleared CAMS! 

I studied the ACAMS study guide in my first attempt but I did not clear due to lack of practice. This time I practiced the Chapter wise questions and 2 practice exams and I cleared the CAMS exam! Thank you CAMS Exam Guide team!

Steve O, CAMS

Excellent question set from easy to super tricky!

I gained good exposure to important questions from FATF recommendations, Basel Committee, Egmont cases and Wolfsberg principles. These are very important from an exam perspective and helped me pass in my first attempt!

James K, CAMS

Very convenient to practice!

I could take tests and pause and return whenever I had the time. Loved this feature! The exam was very challenging. Thank you CAMS Exam Guide for equipping me with the right concepts and sufficient practice questions. Scored 102 / 120 which I never expected.


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Frequently asked questions

  • How can CAMS Exam Guide help me?

    Thousands of students have benefitted from CAMS Exam Guide over the years. We provide you with great avenues to practice and test your concepts as you study. Our curated questions cover all concepts from the study guide and important external material like FATF 40 Recommendations, Basel Committee, Egmont group, Wolfsberg Principles which are very important for the CAMS exam. This will give you the practice and confidence to pass the exam in one go.

  • What do I get when I purchase a bundle? When can I access the study materials?

    By purchasing any bundle, you get full access to all our material which includes Chapter wise tests and 2 Practice Exams. You can access all these materials immediately after making your purchase. The only difference between the various bundles is the period of validity.

  • Is the product worth the price?

    Yes. All our subscribers have found the product worth the price. You can avoid the time and cost involved in retakes and earn your CAMS designation quickly using our proven approach and high quality questions. Consider this as an investment in your AML career which will bring you closer to achieving the CAMS designation.

  • Will I see the same questions in the real exam?

    We don't claim to have access to past / future CAMS exams questions. However, we can help you test all the concepts you've learned with a mix of factual and application based questions and that's your best bet to preparing for the CAMS exam. Conceptual understanding helps you to crack complicated questions in the exam successfully.

  • Do all the questions have correct answers and explanations?

    Yes. Our team of CAMS qualified experts have verified answers to all the questions. You can trust us with the quality of our questions and accuracy of our answers. All answers also include explanations to help you understand and apply the concept correctly in the exam.

  • How much time is required to practice all the questions?

    The time required varies from student to student. Generally, Chapter wise tests take at least 1 or 2 hours to complete after you've read each chapter in the ACAMS Study Guide. Practice exams have 120 questions each and take around 3 hours each to complete.

About Us

The CAMS Exam Guide Team

We are a group of young compliance professionals with a goal of making your CAMS exam journey a pleasant and enriching experience. Our dedicated team has spent long hours designing and refining the quality of our content to ensure that you succeed at the exam in the first attempt and avoid the painful hassles and costs of re-takes.  

Please note that we are not affiliated to the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) in any way. We do not claim to have access to the ACAMS exam questions, either past or future. We focus on testing all concepts in the curriculum to improve your chances of clearing the exam. 

Our team is always just an email away to answer any of the questions you may have during your preparation. We hope you make good use of our content to enhance your performance at the exam. 

Cheers! Happy studying!

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